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Par 5 Lawn Care
Is your Lawn Up To Par?

Not all fertilizer/weed-control programs are created equal.
Several factors determine whether or not you'll see the results in your lawn that you hope to see:

- The knowledge of the applicator
- The applicator's dedication to doing a good job
- The type and quality of products used
- All affect the success of any lawn application program.

I specialize in lawn applications with a focus on attention to detail, excellent, personalized service and results you'll love to see in your lawn. If you don't want to deal with rushed applications, poor results, dishonest tactics, inexperienced, unlicensed, unmotivated applicators and so on, call me today and you'll have peace of mind knowing that the same, motivated, knowledgeable, state-licensed applicator will be performing all of your applications. Most of my customers used to be customers of one of the two giant lawn-treatment companies, but switched to my program.

With all the benefits of a small lawn application company and none of the drawbacks of a large one, my program offers you advantages you won't get from the lawn care giants. As a result, you'll be much happier with the way your lawn looks (references available).

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